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Oil cooled voltage stabilizer and regulators.
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Introduction to oil cooled stabilizers.

Voltage stabilizers are pretty effective in terms of stabilizing output voltage. It helps the industrial facilities to ensure the protection of their electronic equipment. You can find numerous regulators out there in the market. Among those, the oil cooled stabilizers hold a prominent place. Let’s see what an oil cooled voltage stabilizer is all about. Also, understand its benefits and disadvantages.

What is an oil cooled servo stabilizer?

There are two main types of servo voltage stabilizers: oil cooled voltage stabilizers and air-cooled voltage stabilizers. The distinct difference between these two types is the cooling mechanism. As you can see, the oil cooled regulators are cooled by oil.

Inside an oil-cooled servo voltage stabilizer, oil is responsible for offering two main functionalities. They include cooling the voltage regulator and lubricating it. Hence, an oil cooled voltage stabilizer needs to use high-grade engine oil to offer this functionality.

Benefits of oil-cooled voltage stabilizer.

You will be able to use the oil cooled servo stabilizers for specific applications. In other words, you will be able to customize the functionality to provide maximum protection to electrical appliances. If you are using a voltage stabilizer to protect susceptible electric devices, an oil cooled stabilizer would be a great option to consider.

The cooling process of oil cooled voltage stabilizers is much effective than air-cooled voltage regulators. When it is running, there is a high possibility for it to be hot. In such a situation, the oil cooling mechanism will effectively cool down the stabilizer. Hence, you can overcome the negative consequences that can take place when the servo stabilizer gets hot.

Oil cooled voltage regulators.
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This process enhances the level of reliability that you can expect to receive from the voltage stabilizer. You can expect to receive a high capacity return from the oil cooled stabilizers. For example, you can use them to experience a capacity of over 20 KVA. Suppose you have any high-capacity electronic appliances at the industrial facility and want to ensure their protection. In that case, you may think about using this kind of voltage regulator without keeping any second thoughts in mind. That’s because the oil-cooled voltage stabilizer can provide all the support you want to ensure their protection.

You can also expect to see a variety of oil cooled voltage regulators. It will help you to locate one that fits perfectly well to your purpose. Also, it will ensure effectively stabilize the overall input voltage. On top of that, these voltage stabilizers will deliver added protection against overload at the input. Hence, you can ensure the safe operation of electronic equipment without a struggle.

Which is better, oil cooler stabilizer or air cooled?

You will notice some prominent differences if you do a cross-comparison between an air cooled voltage stabilizer and an oil cooled voltage stabilizer. Among those differences, you can see prominent benefits in the oil-cooled voltage stabilizers.

An oil cooled voltage stabilizer offers an instant response. You will also be able to get a faster correction. This can be beneficial as you are getting faster results. On top of that, you can expect these voltage stabilizers to deliver a digital metering system. The metering system will provide accurate measurements to you, and you will be able to keep track of everything.

The level of efficiency you can receive out of an oil cooled voltage stabilizer is high. In other words, these voltage stabilizers deliver an efficiency of up to 98%. This will help you to minimize operational expenses as much as possible. Inside an oil cooled voltage stabilizer, there is an MCB. This MCB provides enhanced protection against short circuits. Moreover, the voltage stabilizers have low power consumption as well.

As mentioned earlier, the level of customizability associated with oil cooled voltage stabilizers is high. You will be able to customize the voltage stabilizer based on the request. This will help you get a voltage stabilizer that matches perfectly well with your industrial application. If these benefits convince you, you may think about investing in oil cooled voltage stabilizers.

Disadvantages of oil cooled servo stabilizer.

Along with benefits, an oil cooled voltage stabilizer can provide some drawbacks as well. The biggest drawback attached with them is the cost. You will notice a significant difference if you look at the expense of getting and using an oil-cooled servo stabilizer. That’s because air cooled units don’t come with a radiator, extra coolant, or a sump pump. On the other hand, you will require less cost and space to have an air-cooled system.

Uses of oil cooled regulators.

Oil cooled voltage stabilizers are ideal for numerous applications. For example, you can use them with engineering and machine tools. That’s mainly because of the nature of customization that is available to you.

You can get the stabilizer customized as per the unique requirements you have. Upon customization, you don’t have to worry too much, and you just need to experience the benefits that come on your way. The oil-cooled voltage stabilizers are ideal for lifts and elevators as well.

When you want to keep the lifts and elevators functioning throughout 24 hours of the day, you will look for a solution that consumes low as much power as possible. The oil cooled stabilizers look like a perfect solution available to consider in such a situation.

You may also use oil cooled voltage stabilizers for CNC machines. The CNC machines have numerous sensitive electronic components. The oil cooled voltage stabilizers deliver much-needed protection to those sensitive components. It will help you to improve the longevity of your expensive CNC machines. On top of that, you may also think about using them for plastic machines that you use.

FAQ of oil cooled voltage stabilizers.

An oil cooled voltage regulator has the following benefits.

  • It has long life than air cooled unit.
  • These units can withstand sudden voltage surges.
  • It has more overload capacity.
  • It can offer high efficiency even at high outdoor temperatures.
  • For higher ratings, it is more economical.

Some of the limited cons of these units are listed below:

  • It is expensive.
  • The maintenance cost is more.
  • The downtime is needed during changing of coolant oil.
  • It is not environmentally friendly due to the use of oil.
  • Used at transmission lines.
  • For high capacity motor loads.
  • Lifts and elevators.
  • For heavy industries.

For the requirement of high capacity regulators, a oil cooled units are more practical. However, for a lower capacity stabilizer, a air cooled model is an ideal option.

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