Cold storage room voltage regulator.

Cold storage rooms.

You can often discover cold rooms in the food processing industry. Cold room storage provides all the support needed by people for storing food items. Freezing food items is a proven method for storage, and it is the main reason we can see how cold rooms are used for freezing fillets, whole fish, meat products, poultry products, packaged foods, dairy products, and vegetables. And a voltage regulator for the cold room storage is crucial equipment for its smooth working.

Voltage regulator for cold storage rooms.
Cold storage room voltage regulator. 2

Cold rooms are also used to store the following materials:

  • Fruits & Vegetables.
  • Seafood & Meat Products.
  • Dairy Products.
  • Bio-medical products.
  • Medicines.

Cold room business in Middle East.

There are no differences between the two when it comes to purpose. The objective of both devices is to offer contact voltage at its output. However, the distinguishing factor is the method of achieving The usage of electrics and food processing machinery has expanded in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, & Qatar has warm weather and the population has grown.

When it comes to power supply, power industry is experiencing a problem bridging the gap between demand and supply. Storage plant machinery has been lost as a result of the unpredictable abd unstable power supply. Cold storage businesses rely on stabilizers to keep the power supply for expensive machinery stable to fight power fluctuations. CtrlTech offers high quality ac voltage stabilizers for cold storage rooms.

Problems caused by voltage fluctuations.

A Voltage fluctuations are a common problem that people who manage cold rooms often have to face. Cold room storage machines tolerate a wide variety of input voltages around their nominal design center. As a result, if the actual supply exceeds the needed, the device will use more energy. A 230V linear device working at 240 Volts consumes 9% more power, reduces equipment life by up to 45 percent, and raises the total cost of ownership.

The difference in electrical potential between two points in an electronic circuit, measured in volts, is known as voltage. It is named extra-low voltage or extra-high voltage depending on the difference in electrical potential. All three-phase electrical equipment, such as cold storage units, is rated at 400 to 415 volts. In businesses that are particularly susceptible to smoke and pollution, the financial repercussions of a minor fire can be devastating. In coming section we will see how cold storage voltage stabilizer can help these equipment.

If the voltage supply is not regulated for cold rooms, people who manage them will face multiple problems. Loss of power is the most major problem out of them. It can create a direct impact on the quality of food that is placed inside the cold room. Moreover, it can also reduce the overall efficiency of the cold room. Hence, a cold room voltage regulator is a must.

Cold room storage equipment is quite expensive. Hence, you cannot afford to break them down. Unfortunately, such issues can happen due to voltage fluctuations. These problems occur due to switchgear and equipment overheating. Moreover, frequent shutdowns of the equipment can also subject them to wear and tear. It will eventually make the storage equipment end up with failures shortly.

A production loss can also happen due to improper voltage supply to cold rooms. On top of everything, you will end up facing massive maintenance bills. In other words, fluctuations will not just make you lose money but will also force you to spend more money out of your pocket.

How can a cold storage voltage stabilizer resolve the issue?

All the problems we stated above happen due to fluctuations in voltage. Hence, using a cold room voltage regulator is a great solution available for you to overcome the issues. You will have two main types of voltage stabilizers to use for cold room storage voltage stabilizer. They include automatic servo and static. The capacity of a servo regulator would usually be from 5 KVA to 2,500 KVA. It can also provide you with a precise voltage output. Hence, you can connect all cold room storage equipment to the servo stabilizer and get the job done.

For cold storage plants, the industry experts suggest digital servo stabilizers. That’s mainly because these cold storage regulators make it simple to prevent cold storage equipment from malfunctioning. The newest digital microprocessor controllers are used in these systems to provide a consistent output voltage. These stabilizers’ output voltage stability enables optimal current drawing without excessive power usage.

A three-phase servo star stabilizer must be installed to protect cold storage machinery, which protects against overload, short circuit, under-voltage, and overvoltage, among other things. The amount you spend to get such a servo stabilizer would never be in vain. You can continue to receive the benefits coming along with it in the long run. It can also help customers save money because the product is in the lowest price range compared to other products of comparable quality and services.

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