Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT).

All about constant voltage transformer.

Among different types of transformers, Constant Voltage Transformers, or CVT transformers, hold a prominent place. It is recognized for providing the greatest power protection and has unmatched conditioning capabilities.

The constant transformer neutralizes the input electrical noise and spikes up to 75 DB attenuation. And due to its exceptional quality, it is also known as a Ferroresonant transformer.

Constant Voltage Transformer CVT.
Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT). 3

What is a Constant Voltage Transformer?

The input or Primary winding and the output of Secondary winding are physically separated in Constant Voltage Transformers, a process known as galvanic isolation, which guarantees no direct contact between the input supply and the output load.

The Ferro resonant transformer is an impenetrable barrier against electrical spikes, high-frequency noise, and other issues. It can also use this barrier in reverse to keep a ‘noisy’ load from contaminating the mains supply. CVT works its magic by transforming any waveform, even Square Wave, into a perfect sine wave output.

Ferroresonant transformer or CVT in UAE.
Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT). 4

Why do you need a Ferroresonant transformer?

To reduce downtime, we treat voltage with sWith a fluctuating input, these Constant Voltage Transformers (CVT) employ a tank circuit consisting of a high-voltage resonant winding and a capacitor to generate a virtually constant average output.

The Ferro resonant method is appealing since it has no active components and relies on the tank circuit’s square loop saturation properties to absorb fluctuations in average input voltage. It is the main reason why CVTs are known as Ferroresonant transformers.

Although the Ferroresonant action is a flux limiter rather than a voltage regulator, it can maintain an almost constant average output voltage even when the input voltage fluctuates significantly with a given supply frequency. It will provide you the opportunity to effectively handle all the problems related to fluctuations or variations in voltage.

Advantages of Constant Voltage Transformers.

Voltage stabilizers are well known for offering voltage stability. Due to the same reason, you can see theThe main and secondary windings of a CVT are separated by a large air gap influenced by the magnetic field. As a result, capacitive and inductive loadings are dramatically reduced. This unique architecture takes care of regular power transients.

There is a phase mismatch between the output and input voltage, resulting in improved output sound suppression. The noise is shut off from the high-frequency module by isolating the windings in a constant voltage transformer. Ferro resonance is a CVT phenomenon that prevents the balance from shifting due to changes in the AC voltage. It occurs because the secondary output inductor causes the capacitor to vibrate, requiring a higher level of capacitor performance.

The characteristics listed above distinguish a Ferroresonant transformer from other types of voltage stabilizers and SMPSs. During power surges, the CVT provides for continuous power production, which saves the appliances.

Applications of Constant Voltage Transformers.

If you need to get reliable and inbuilt voltage alternations, you will need a constant voltage transformer. The output you can get from a CVT is a square wave, appropriate for a rectifier output. Due to the same reason, you may use them for applications such as biomedical devices, EPABX, fax, telex, photo processing labs, audio and video equipment, high sensitive machinery, internet applications, cash registers, data processing, and electronic typewriters. We hope you got a fair idea about the Ferroresonant transformer.

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