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Get the best quality single & three phase servo stabilizer, outdoor static regulator, & frequency converters in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, & Uganda at affordable prices. Genuine three & single stabilizer, static stabilizer, & IP55 or IP65 rated air-cooled and oil-cooled units.

CtrlTech voltage regulator and stabilizer supplier in uae.
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Three phase voltage stabilizer and regulator.
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Servo Stabilizer

Static & Servo Voltage Regulator.

To reduce downtime, we treat voltage with servo motor controlled and static voltage regulator and ensure a safe, stable, & clean voltage for your load.

Air Cooled & Oil Cooled three & single phase system.

IP55 & IP54 outdoor voltage stabilizer with a weatherproof cabinet.

Independent phase controlled with a bypass & microprocessor.

Frequency Converter

Solid-state static frequency converter.

50Hz to 60Hz converter with IGBT based Pulse Width Modulation technique. Get a frequency inverter with a compact, silent, and reliable design.

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) with IGBT or SCR power module.

50Hz to 60Hz frequency converter with low input THDi & maintenance.

Frequency inverter for 50Hz to 400Hz and 60Hz conversion.

50Hz to 60Hz static frequency converter
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Marine & medical galvanic isolation transformers.
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Isolation Transformer

Medical & marine transformer.

It is used for galvanic isolation, to prevent ground loop, and reduce neutral to ground potential. It is a helpful device for telecom, data center, medical, & industrial automation equipment.

The medical transformer avoids shock & provides safety to the users.

Marine isolation transformer reduces harmonics and improves the power quality.

Transformer isolation reduces power surges and noise levels.

Voltage Regulator

Automatic servo voltage regulator.

An automatic voltage regulator is a device that generates stable voltage & protects from Sag, Swell, Overvoltage, & Overcurrent. CtrlTech offers servo and static regulators in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Congo, Djibouti, & Rwanda.

Servo regulator for Generators, cold rooms, lifts, and elevators.

Power stabilizer for Hospital, Textile, and Packaging industry.

IGBT static voltage stabilizer for CNC machines, PLC, and Server rooms

Servo and static votlage regulators.
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Why Choose Us


More than a decade of experience in supply, installation, commissioning of static and servo voltage stabilizers & regulators.


With high-quality components & expertise, we manufacture reliable voltage regulators with the lowest MTBF.


Our clients enjoy a warranty for all products. Onsite service support and free spares for high capacity during the warranty period.

How We Are

About CtrlTech

We are a leading solution provider for Power, Cooling, Monitoring, & Dehumidification.

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We supply UPSs, Stabilizers, Frequency converters, Static Transfer Switches (STS), & Transformers.


We offer Precision Air Conditioners for critical spaces like Datacenter, Server rooms, Telecom stations.


We have expertise in designing water leak detection & Environmental monitoring system for Data centers.


Get reliable dehumidifiers for home, industrial, commercial, and indoor swimming pool humidity control.

Want to see Actual Products?

See the video of our actual products, which will help you understand its quality.


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